Cascade Cattle and Sheep – How It’s Made

Cascade Feed produces the Pacific Northwest’s best value livestock feed. But how does we do it?

Cascade Feed produces Cascade Cattle and Sheep by blending corn distillers and grass seed screenings into one seriously power-packed pellet.

Only Two Ingredients – Corn Distillers and Grass Seed Screenings

Every year, midwestern farmers grow corn like the government is handing out crop subsidies (which uh…it is). Processers turn a lot of this corn into alcohol and ethanol leaving behind a by-product called corn distillers. Since corn distillers are rich in protein and fat, processors sell them off in bulk to food and feed manufacturers.


An employee at Smucker Pelleting dumps a bucketful of corn distillers at the Smucker Pelleting mill.

Meanwhile, farmers in the Willamette Valley grow massive amounts of grass seed each year. After harvesting their crops, farmers separate the grass seed from chaff and dust at cleaning warehouses. The sifting process leaves behind grass seed screenings that are packed with nutritional value for livestock.


A Smucker Brothers Trucking employee unloads grass seed screenings at the Smucker Pelleting mill.


Cascade Feed partners with two other companies to manufacture Cattle and Sheep. Smucker Brothers Trucking hauls in the ingredients while Smucker Pelleting handles production.

The Pelleting Process

The pelleting process starts by blending the right ratio of corn distillers and grass seed screenings. Smucker precisely controls the mixture by using a dual-auger system. Next, Smucker adds a little steam to the mix to ensure the dry products bind together perfectly. Finally, the mash is squeezed through holes in a rapidly spinning dye that presses out the final product – Cascade Cattle and Sheep.


Here the pelleting machine combines corn distillers, grass seed screenings, and steam to press out Cascade Cattle and Sheep pellets.

Packaging and Distribution

Cascade Feed packages Cattle and Sheep in two sizes. Fifty-pound bags go to Wilco Farm Stores. Sixteen-hundred-pound totes go to Coastal Farm and Ranch. So big or small, Cascade Feed fills the livestock feed needs of its customers.

You might think there’s not much left to pioneer in Oregon. But Cascade Feed begs to differ. We are pioneering a whole new era in the production of high-value, low-dollar livestock feed.